Here are all the skills written by LME Bosslady April Hamilton. April’s among the first group of independent developers invited by Amazon to write Alexa skills way back when the first Echo was initially released, and she’s since been awarded the title of Alexa Champion by Amazon—so you know these are some quality skills!

You don’t have to follow the links for regular skills if your Alexa device is nearby: just ask Alexa to “enable [skill name]”, then ask her to “launch [skill name]” to run it! Note that most of these are available in all regions with English language Alexa support (US, UK, India, Canada and Australia as of this writing on 12/21/17).

Made Especially For Echo Show & Spot

Visual Tarot Alexa Skill Icon Visual Tarot – for Echo Show & Spot
A skill that was six months in development, Visual Tarot delivers a premium oracle card experience with rich, gorgeous visuals. The querent can request a single card (yes/no), three card (past, present, future) or 10 card (Celtic Cross) reading. Users can also look up individual cards in either the upright or reversed orientation to view the card and read its description and meaning.

Flash Briefing Skills

Add some fresh and amusing content to your Alexa Flash Briefing. First enable the skill, then go to Settings > Accounts > Flash Briefing and locate the new skill, which will be included in the “Off” section. Slide its switch to “on” to add it to your Alexa Flash Briefing.

Make Me Smile Daily Alexa Skill Make Me Smile Daily
Add Make Me Smile Daily to your Flash Briefing and get an amusing or surprising fact to lift your spirits each day.

Easter Egg Daily Alexa Flash Briefing skill icon Easter Egg Daily
Add this to your Flash Briefing to get a different Alexa Easter egg every day of the year!

Focus Word Daily Alexa Flash Briefing skill icon Focus Word Daily
Users of the regular Focus Word skill have been asking for it in Flash Briefing form, and here it is at last! Adds an inspirational word or phrase to your Flash Briefing along with a brief statement to provide you with a point of focus you can use during meditation, or as a touchstone throughout the day.

Helper Skills

Make Me Smile Alexa skill icon Make Me Smile
When the world seems like a dark, depressing place, let Alexa give you reasons to feel hopeful and happy. When you ask Alexa to make you smile, she’ll provide a happy or surprising fact to cheer you. A copy of the fact will also be sent to the Alexa app.

Help Me Sleep Alexa skill icon Help Me Sleep
Need to be asleep in 15 minutes? Lie down and let a calm, soothing voice walk you into sleep using the proven Progressive Muscle Relaxation method, with soft backing music, designed to quiet both body and mind. Most people don’t make it all the way through this fifteen minute recording before they’re fast asleep. Once you’ve learned and practiced the method you can use it anywhere at any time, even when Alexa’s not available.

Make Me Smile Alexa skill icon Relax Me
When you feel tense, sense an anxiety attack coming, or can’t seem to turn off obsessive thoughts, let Relax Me walk you through a 15 minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercise to quiet your mind and relax your body. Once you’ve learned and practiced the method you can use it anywhere at any time, even when Alexa’s not available.

Focus Word Alexa skill icon Focus Word
This was among the first Alexa skills ever to be released, and it’s very popular! Focus Word provides an inspirational word or phrase along with a brief statement to provide you with a point of focus you can use during meditation, or as a touchstone throughout the day.

Talk Me Down Alexa skill icon Talk Me Down
We all have moments of weakness and temptation, and there’s not always someone nearby talk us off the ledge when we’re about to text an ex, light a cigarette, take a drink, eat something we shouldn’t or do something else we know we’ll regret later. Ask Alexa to Talk Me Down and she’ll give you one of 31 supportive messages of courage, just when you need it most.

Give Me Hope Alexa skill icon Give Me Hope
Don’t give in to despair. When you feel you’ve reached the end of your rope Alexa can help you tie a knot and hang on with kind, inspirational messages of hope and encouragement. There are 80 messages in all and each time you ask Alexa to give you hope, she will read one at random and also send it to the Alexa app.

Fire Me Up Alexa skill icon Fire Me Up
Sooner or later, most of us will struggle with procrastination. When you find yourself giving in to excuses and delay tactics, ask Alexa to Fire Me Up and she’ll give you one of 31 firm messages of motivation to get you back on track. A written copy of the message will also be sent to the Alexa app, in case you’d like to see it again.

Game Skills

Bingo Alexa skill icon Bingo – US only
Enjoy a game of Bingo any time you like! With the Bingo skill, your Echo will call the numbers for you. You can use your own Bingo cards, or click here to view/download a pdf of 16 pre-filled Bingo cards, plus a page of instructions with 3 empty Bingo cards you can fill yourself. Note that in some browsers the PDF image may show white lines across the grids, but the lines will not be there when you print the pages out in hard copy.

Picross Critters Alexa skill icon Picross Critters – US only
An Alexa-fied version of the popular pencil and puzzle game of filling in squares to reveal a picture. Click here to download the free game grid sheet for use with this skill. The sheet has two grids, so you will need to print out five copies if you wish to play all ten puzzles in the skill.

Just For Fun Skills

Crystal Ball Alexa skill icon Crystal Ball – US only
A fortune teller skill, based on the fortune teller ball toy. The Echo prompts you to first focus on a yes/no question, then say when you’re ready to hear the answer.

Angry Bard Alexa skill icon  Angry Bard – US, UK
Have at you, knave! The Angry Bard skill is ready to throw barbs from the Bard anytime you like. Each insult is a quote selected from among the works of William Shakespeare, given together with the name of the piece from which it’s taken. A text copy of the quote and its source are also sent to the Alexa mobile app.


Free Echo Skin Template & Instructions – Why not dress Alexa up for the holidays, or just for fun? With this download you can create your own Echo skins.

Click here to open the Love My Echo Skins packet of ready-made designs in a new tab or window. From there, you can print or download it.

Free Halloween Echo Skins

Alexa Cheat Sheet: This sheet of the most common and useful Alexa Echo commands was created by reddit user Groktookia. Click here to open Groktookia’s Alexa Echo Cheat Sheet in PDF format. From there, you can print or download it.