LME Skills + Free Downloads


  Angry Bard
Have at you, knave! The Angry Bard skill is ready to throw barbs from the Bard anytime you like. Each insult is a quote selected from among the works of William Shakespeare, given together with the name of the piece from which it’s taken. A text copy of the quote and its source are also sent to the Alexa mobile app.


Enjoy a game of Bingo any time you like! With the Bingo skill, your Echo will call the numbers for you. You can use your own Bingo cards, or click here to view/download a pdf of 16 pre-filled Bingo cards, plus a page of instructions with 3 empty Bingo cards you can fill yourself. Note that in some browsers the PDF image may show white lines across the grids, but the lines will not be there when you print the pages out in hard copy.


  Crystal Ball
A fortune teller skill, based on the fortune teller ball toy. The Echo prompts you to first focus on a yes/no question, then say when you’re ready to hear the answer.


  Focus Word
This skill provides an inspirational word or phrase along with a brief statement to provide you with a point of focus you can use during meditation, or as a touchstone throughout the day.


Picross Critters Icon Picross Critters
An Alexa-fied version of the popular pencil and puzzle game of filling in squares to reveal a picture. Click here to download the free game grid sheet for use with this skill. The sheet has two grids, so you will need to print out five copies if you wish to play all ten puzzles in the skill.


Free Echo Skin Template & Instructions – Why not dress Alexa up for the holidays, or just for fun? With this download you can create your own Echo skins.


Click here to open the Love My Echo Skins packet of ready-made designs in a new tab or window. From there, you can print or download it.


This sheet of the most common and useful Alexa Echo commands was created by reddit user Groktookia. Click here to open Groktookia’s Alexa Echo Cheat Sheet in PDF format. From there, you can print or download it.