Last week with Alexa – 3/8/20 & 3/15/20

Quick Updates

I apologize for missing last week’s article! My university has cancelled in-person classes due to COVID-19. As we begin social distancing, I will resume regular updates. In addition, look out for more articles over the next couple of weeks!

We wish everyone a safe a healthy season!

New Features

Over the past couple of weeks, Amazon has released new ways to access polling information for the upcoming 2020 US elections, as well as new ways to access commuter traffic from a simple voice command.

Some examples are included in the Things to Try section!

Things to Try

  • “Alexa, what am I doing today?”
  • “Alexa, open Photo Booth”
    • Use with an Echo Show device to try out some unique filters!
  • “Alexa, give me a bad poem”
  • “Alexa, block explicit lyrics”
    • Alexa will add a filter to not play any explicit songs
  • “Alexa, when is the next debate?”
  • “Alexa, when do I need to register to vote?”
  • “Alexa, where does [candidate] stand on [education/healthcare/etc.]?”
  • “Alexa, how does traffic look like today?”
  • “Alexa, where is the nearest gas station?”
  • “Alexa, send that to my phone”
    • Sends results of location searches to your phone.

Alexa Deals

Two of Amazon’s smart displays are on sale! The Echo Show 5 and 8 are both 20 dollars off and 30 dollars off, respectively.