Love My Echo Relaunch – Welcome!

Voiced by Amazon Polly

This marks the beginning of a new era of Love My Echo!

It has been a while since the site has been active and a lot has happened in the world of Alexa. In the next few weeks, expect updates to past articles and new articles centered around these changes.

In addition to new content, the site has not only gone through a visual overhaul, but (almost) a voice overhaul as well. Many of our future posts will be available through our new Love My Echo Alexa Skill, currently in the works.

In the transition, we completely rebuilt the site, saving all past articles in only text format. If you take a trip down archive lane, you’ll notice that many of the images on the posts are gone.

Here at Love My Echo we (I) am really thankful for the great community that April built. I look forward to sharing this next chapter of Love My Echo with each and everyone of you.