Hands-on with the Amazon Echo Auto

Voiced by Amazon Polly

What’s up with the new Echo Auto?

Being a student at university, I have not been able to try out my new Amazon Echo Auto at all. That is, until last weekend, when I decided to take it with me on a roadtrip to see one of my best friends at another university.

Overall, I had a pretty solid experience with the device.

To be perfectly honest, I wish I had the Echo Auto with my old car. My new car has Android Auto and can already do everything the Echo Auto accomplishes, minus the wake-word. However, for those without Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, the Echo Auto is the perfect way to get similar features without upgrading to a new vehicle. With the option to use AUX or Bluetooth connections, the Echo Auto can be used in any car with an AUX jack input, or bluetooth capabilities out of the box. If you don’t have those, you are still in luck! If you have a car with a radio, or even a cassette player, you can get an AUX adapter and still have all the features of the Echo Auto!

For the sake of trying out the Echo Auto, I decided to turn off my vehicle’s Entertainment System (Android Auto, GPS, Radio, etc) and solely relied on the Echo Auto during my 4 hour drive.

Setting up the Echo Auto was surprisingly simple for vehicle add-on, but I’ll save the setup for another post.

The drive followed a route that I have never traveled before, so, throughout the trip, I regularly used Waze for navigation. I tried to go off only voice, but ultimately needed to set up my phone to show me the way visually. While driving, I was really impressed with the Echo Auto’s ability to understand me. It was quite a reliable co-pilot. The sound was great over both Bluetooth and AUX cable. The only major thing I found was the severe lack of Echo Auto Alexa Skills, which really didn’t matter a whole lot to me.

Here are my final results:

Onboarding and Setup: 4 out of 5
Voice Reliability: 4 out of 5
Sound: 5 out of 5
Alexa Skills: 3 out of 5

I definitely recommend the Echo Auto, especially if you do not have a vehicle with advanced entertainment features.