Meet The New Boss

Post published 8/5/19 – Well gang, it’s time for your ol’ pal April to be moseying on down the trail, and I’m passing the reins to a capable Alexa Champion who I trust to do right by you. Meet the new boss: Austin Wilson.

Who is Austin Wilson?

Austin is a young and very promising Alexa developer who’s also a strong communicator, and I’m sure he has a lot to offer consumers and Alexa developers alike.

Check out some of the incredible, innovative stuff Austin’s doing with Alexa and other technologies on his YouTube channel.

Austin’s developed numerous popular and even award-winning skills. Take a look over on

Amazon has named Austin an Alexa Pioneer in addition to naming him an Alexa Champion developer. The video profile from that announcement is embedded below, and includes coverage of his experimental Alexa skill that allows the user to control a toy car with voice commands:

But why?

I’ve worked as a freelance writer/editor for close to a decade, and as an Alexa developer since 2014. I’ve enjoyed sharing information, tips and tricks about the Alexa ecosystem here and it’s been a good fit for my flexible freelance schedule.

However, I’ve recently moved and accepted a full time career opportunity working for a company I feel is doing important work, supporting scientific and medical research that can truly make life better and longer for countless people. As a result, I will no longer have the time and energy to keep providing LME readers with the up-to-date information, Alexa fun and tips I’ve shared here up to now. I will also no longer have time for Alexa skill development.

What about email subscribers?

Austin will be migrating existing mail lists off of MailChimp in the coming weeks, but between us we will make every effort to ensure no interruption in subscriptions. Furthermore, Austin will honor the promise I’ve made to subscribers, that their information will never be sold or shared.

Please welcome Austin, and enjoy the great content he’ll be bringing to the site for you!