7/22/19 Things To Ask Alexa

Welcome to LME’s 7/22/19 Things To Ask Alexa: queries and statements to try on Alexa for a funny, unexpected or informative response.

What Did You Do This Weekend

Say the wake word followed by any of the queries or statements below.

What’s the longest word in the English language?

Move along.
This line is in one of the most famous Star Wars scenes.

Say something funny.

What is the first amendment?
You can ask about other amendments to the US Constitution by number as well.

Tell me a cat joke.
You can ask more than once.

What happens when you play the Game of Thrones?

Hello, it’s me.
Do you remember this smash hit pop song?

What’s in a name?

Where am I?

Guess what?

What’s your favorite ice cream?

Is the cake a lie?
A video game reference.