A new Alexa device: Echo Show 5

Post published 5/29/19 – Today, with no warning and little more fanfare than a press release, the Echo Show 5 appeared on Amazon’s US and UK sites.

A touchscreen definitely expands Alexa’s capabilities, from being able to play digital videos to displaying song lyrics, but for many consumers the Echo Spot‘s screen is a little too small and the standard Echo Show is a little too big and/or expensive.

The new Echo Show 5 aims to split the difference, with a smaller footprint and pricetag than the Show but a larger screen than the Spot. While the feature set is virtually identical to the standard Show, the new device does add one convenience privacy-minded consumers are sure to appreciate: a built-in, sliding shutter cover to obstruct the camera lens. It’s a much better solution than the usual sticky notes and tape!

At a price point less than half that of the standard Show (as of this writing), the new model is sure to be a hit among the budget-conscious as well.

The Echo Show 5 is now available for order, with an official release date of 6/26/19—just in time for dads, grads and weddings.