Fast Tips Friday: Alexa and Playstation Vue

Post published 4/19/19 – I’m moving at the end of this month and my preferred cable service isn’t available in my new town. Fortunately I’ve discovered the joys of cord cutting, and that Alexa and Playstation Vue play very nicely together.

Why Cut The Cord?

I avoided cord cutting for a very long time. It seemed there was no way to get all my favorite channels and DVR recording via streaming services alone, at least not without paying more than I was already.

When I was finally forced to look for a new option, I discovered I could get almost everything I wanted with subscriptions to Playstation Vue “Core” + HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video + Starz!. I was already a Prime member, so including high speed internet my monthly cost for everything else is about $20 less than I used to pay for a cable bundle. PS Vue includes cloud DVR with unlimited storage (recordings are saved for one month), but there’s no more cable box to find a shelf for.

Even better, PS Vue can accept Alexa voice commands.

Alexa Commands For PS Vue

From the Playstation Vue FAQ:

On Amazon Fire TV devices, you can choose channels and control playback with only your voice, using the Amazon Fire TV remote and Alexa. Available commands include:

●  Select a channel using that channel’s call sign. For example:  “Alexa, go to ESPN on PlayStation Vue.”

●  Control video playback with the following voice commands:
     ▪  “Play”
     ▪  “Pause”
     ▪  “Fast Forward”
     ▪  “Rewind”
     ▪  “Jump” (aka ‘skip ahead’)
     ▪  “Start Over”

Amazon Video on Fire TV Also Supports Alexa Voice Commands

Newer generation (from second generation going forward) Fire TV devices can accept Alexa voice commands for Amazon video playback. As reported by TechCrunch last year, Alexa support for navigation within Netflix and many other apps has also been added for the Fire TV Cube.

Click here for Amazon’s help topic about connecting an Alexa voice remote to your TV and other A/V equipment.

Click here for Amazon’s help topic about using voice commands with second generation and later Fire TV sticks and pendants.

Click here for Amazon’s help topic about Alexa voice control on the Fire TV Cube.