Flash briefing too brief? Now Alexa delivers long form news, too.

Post published: 4/11/19 – Alexa’s Flash Briefing is a popular feature, but as its name implies it only offers brief summaries. If you’ve been wishing to hear the full stories you’re in luck, because thanks to a new feature Alexa delivers long form news from multiple outlets.

As reported by TechCrunch:

Amazon says that voice commands like “Alexa, tell me the news,” “Alexa play news” or “Alexa play news from…” followed by the source’s name, will now launch in-depth news sessions featuring stories curated by the news provider. This can include stories from NPR’s most popular radio shows, CNN’s top headlines, Newsy’s video news and others…Both Newsy and CNBC will offer video news stories on Alexa devices with a screen, like the Echo Show and Echo Spot. The rest will be audio-only.

At the time of this new feature’s launch, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, Newsy and NPR are available as news sources. If long form news proves to be popular with Alexa users, it’s likely more outlets will follow.