Fast Tips Friday: Get Amazon Prices From Alexa

Post published 3/15/19 – Amazon has implemented yet another feature Alexa device owners have wanted from the start: you can now get Amazon prices from Alexa!

Just Ask—But Be Specific!

I stumbled across this new feature while trying to test Alexa’s ability to give stock quotes, and since then I’ve played around with it a bit. I’ve found that Alexa’s answers are most accurate if you can provide a very specific product name, including the brand name where applicable, and that Alexa will look for available items you’ve previously ordered first.

Also, it works best on Alexa devices with screens (like Spot and Show) because sometimes selecting the right item is easier when you can see the full selection of options. Try queries like these:

What’s the current price on Kibbles and Bits dog food?

What’s the current price on DRY ginger soda?

What’s the current price for an Echo Show?

Since I haven’t heard or read any official announcement from Amazon on this, it may be a feature they’re still tinkering with so be prepared to experiment a little with your queries. I also can’t say if the feature is limited to the US only, but if you’re outside the US you can always just try it!