Special Alexa Music Commands For Use With Amazon Music Services

Post publication date: 2/28/19 – Listening to music is the most popular use for Alexa devices, but many consumers may not know there are some special Alexa music commands created especially for Amazon Prime and Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers.

If your music source is Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited or digital music you’ve purchased from Amazon, you can try commands like these.

The Basics

Play music.
When in doubt, keep it basic.

Play music for kids.
Great for playtime with the little ones!

Add this song to my playlist.
Alexa will prompt you for playlist name, unless you’re already listening to a playlist. In that case, she’ll add it to the current playlist.

Let Alexa Surprise You

Play music I haven’t listened to recently.

Play more like this.

Play the top songs from 1982.
You can also specify a decade instead of a year (e.g., “play the top songs from the 90s”).

Play today’s hits in Montreal.
You can specify any major city in the world—at least, cities where music is popular.

Music To Suit The Mood or Activity

Play sad songs.
You can also specify genre (e.g., “play sad country songs”) and/or time period (e.g., “play sad songs from the 70s”, “play sad rock songs from the 60s”, etc.)

Play music for a party.
You can also specify genre and/or a different activity (e.g., “play dance music for working out”).

Play music for cooking.
It’s a thing! You can also ask for music for reading, walking, relaxing, studying, bedtime and more.

Find An Old Favorite, or Try Something New

Play the new Katy Perry album.
Works for any artist in the Prime Music / Amazon Music Unlimited catalog.

Play the song that goes ‘I know this much is true .’
Note that this command can get tricky for songs that have been covered by multiple artists. If Alexa starts playing the wrong version, at least she’ll tell you the title first so you can re-request it by title and artist. Obviously the lyric you quote must be unique to the song.

Play songs I listened to last week.
Also works for specific days of the week (e.g., “last Tuesday”) or the previous day (e.g., “yesterday”, “last night”).

Get The Day Off to a Musical Start

Set an alarm to Pink every day at 6am.
You can also specify a single day or day of the week (e.g., “tomorrow at 6am”, “every Monday at 7am”), as well as a genre, time of day (e.g., morning/bedtime), album/song, year, decade or activity.

Wake me up to morning music.
You can specify a genre, artist, album/song, year, decade or activity. Alexa will prompt you for the day and time.