Alexacast Sends Music From the Amazon Music App to Alexa Devices

Post Published 2/22/19 – It’s been possible to remotely start music playing on your Alexa devices for a long time, and this was previously accomplished within the Alexa app. With the release of Alexacast, Amazon has moved that function over to its free Amazon Music app for Android or iOS.

Screenshots Tell The Story

These screenshots are from the latest version of the Amazon Music app for Android. The iOS app may look a little different, but according to Amazon this feature is now available in all regions where Amazon makes Alexa devices available for sale.

The screenshot below shows the home screen of the new version of the Amazon Music App. The red box highlights the new Alexacast icon. This icon also appears on the Now Playing screen.

The next screenshot shows the device selection screen, where every Alexa device that can play music and is currently registered to your Amazon account should be listed. Select the desired device to “Alexacast” your music selection (e.g., song, album, playlist, etc.) to the selected device.

Once you select a device, the device will show as “connected” on the device selection screen and will essentially be linked to the music app until you change that setting. Any music you start in the app after a specific device is connected will automatically be sent to that device, and the Alexacast icon will display with a small blue checkmark on it.

To disconnect, tap the Alexacast icon again and tap the Disconnect button on the device listing screen.

Note that you can also Alexacast to groups of devices, I just don’t happen to have any groups set up so my device list screen only shows individual devices.

Click here to read Amazon’s full help topic on Alexacast, which includes an FAQ.