Last Minute Valentine’s Day Helps From Alexa

Post updated 2/22/19 – Uh oh. It’s the big day, and you lost all track of time! Don’t worry, it’s not too late to do something thoughtful for your special someone thanks to these last minute Valentine’s Day helps from Alexa.

Valentine's Day confused kid

None of these ideas will cost you anything, but they’re all very thoughtful and memorable, and sure to be appreciated by your sweetie.

Create a Custom, Virtual Hallmark Card for Alexa to Read to Your Valentine

Just ask Alexa, “Help me send a Valentine’s Day card,” to launch the new Hallmark Valentine’s Day Greeting blueprint skill. Alexa will walk you through the prompts to create a customized greeting that includes audio and images (for display on Alexa devices with screens or in the Alexa app). You can select from professionally-created images and audio, or upload your own images for a more personal touch. (Available in the US and UK, not sure about other regions)

Launch a Song, Playlist or Audiobook Remotely, for Your Honey to Hear When They Get Home

This is a great tip for use anytime, but today it will be especially welcome. A lot of Alexa device owners forget they can launch music or other audio to play on any of their Alexa devices from within the Alexa Amazon Music app. So if you’re still at work or stuck in commute time, but you know your partner’s probably home already, you can launch a special playlist (create one on the fly if need be in the free Amazon Music app, it will become available for Alexa within moments) or favorite song on the device that’s likely to be closest to your Valentine. Alternatively, you can have the music play on all the devices if you’re not sure which one will be within hearing range.

In the Alexa app, from the menu ribbon at the bottom of the screen, select Play. This will open the Music & Books menu, where you can select the content you want Alexa to play. After making your selection you’ll be prompted to specify a device. **UPDATE** See this more recent post, Alexacast Sends Music From the Amazon Music App to Alexa Devices, for the how-to.

Pro tip: buy an Audible love poems collection, and launch that remotely!

Use an Alexa Reminder to Send a Love Note

Reminders aren’t just for reminding! You can use the Alexa Reminders feature to send messages to housemates anytime. In the Alexa app, you can set a reminder remotely and set the time for it to play. Again, just choose a time when you know your intended will be there to hear it. From the main menu in the Alexa app, select Reminders & Alarms to get started.

Note that Amazon recently updated the Reminders feature in the Alexa app to be location-aware if the consumer has allowed the Alexa app to track their location. The change allows you to have a Reminder fire based on your location. This is helpful for having Alexa remind you to stop and pick up dinner, the dry cleaning, flowers, etc. when you reach a location you specify (e.g., a certain address, or in proximity to a certain store – the app will walk you through it).

Alexa’s got you covered, V-Day procrastinators!