Fast Tips Friday: Add or Subtract Alexa Timer Minutes

Post date: 2/1/19 – Most Alexa device owners agree the Alexa timer feature is among the most useful functions. The timer began as a very basic, single timer but Amazon added the ability to set multiple, named timers last year. Did you know you can now shorten, extend or restart those timers with a voice command?

Alexa Timer Commands

Most people already know you can use commands like these to set and check on multiple Alexa timers:

Set a timer for ten minutes.

Set a {number of minutes} {timer name} timer.
Example: Set a thirty minute treadmill timer.

How much time is left on my {timer name} timer?
Example: how many minutes are left on my pasta timer?

Check timer.
Check {timer name} timer.
These will tell you how much time is left on your timer.

Cancel timer.
Cancel {timer name} timer.

Here are some additional commands you can now try:

Add {number of minutes or seconds} to my {timer name} timer.
Example: Add fifteen minutes to my roast timer.

{Remove or Subtract} {number of minutes or seconds} from my {timer name} timer.
Example: Remove ten minutes from my cake timer. You can use whichever decrease word you prefer (remove, subtract).

Restart timer.
For unnamed timers.

Restart {timer name} timer.

What timers are set? / Show me my timers.
Use the first command on any Alexa device to get Alexa to list all currently active timers by name and time remaining. Use the second command on Show or Spot to view an onscreen list.