When To Look For Alexa Device Deals

Post publication date: 1/22/19 – One of the most common questions I get from friends and family members is when to look for Alexa device deals. Everyone knows Amazon discounts them from time to time, but most consumers don’t notice there’s a pretty consistent pattern to the timing of those discounts.

When Does Amazon Put Its Own Stuff On Sale?

Most consumers already know about Amazon’s Prime Days sale in July, their Black Friday week sales at the end of November, and their Cyber Monday sales shortly after. But there are two other times when Amazon has historically dropped the prices on Amazon-branded devices.

Late Spring: ever since Amazon released its first Amazon-branded piece of hardware, the Kindle reader, they have discounted at least some Amazon-branded devices in time for spring/summer gift-giving occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, weddings and Easter.

Early Fall: the October/November timeframe is when Amazon has historically released new generation Alexa devices, and when it happens all current-generation models that are due to be superseded have historically been deeply discounted. In fact, this move is so predictable that if you notice a mysterious price drop on given device type (e.g., Dot, Show, etc.) outside the standard holiday sale periods, it’s a safe bet a new generation will be released soon.

When Are Prices Lowest?

You’ll find the deepest discounts on newly-released models during Prime Days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday week sales, but only on the selected devices Amazon wants to promote at that time.

These sales are great opportunities to spot a bargain, but they’re unpredictable in terms of which device(s) will be on sale, at what price, or for how long.

Outside of annual sale periods, you’ll find the deepest discounts on current-generation Alexa devices just ahead of the release of the next-generation models.

You might think it’s a mistake to buy a current-gen model on clearance when a new one is about to be released, but the new model may not be so much better or different that’s it’s worth waiting and then paying full price to buy it. You can usually get details of upcoming releases through a simple Google search, since those specs tend to leak a month or two before the devices actually come out.

It’s worth mentioning that I’m still using my first-gen Echo, first-gen Show and second-gen Dot even though I’ve bought the more recent models for testing. I actually prefer the earlier models.

Can’t Wait For A Sale? Go Refurb!

On its US site, Amazon regularly offers refurbished models of their devices for sale at a discount. Availability varies, so if you’re looking for a specific device you can search the Amazon site on “{device name} refurbished”. As you can probably guess, there’s generally a large number of refurbs available soon after a next-generation device release.

Refurb devices are returns that Amazon’s technicians have inspected, tested, repaired (if necessary), cleaned, and repackaged like new with all original accessories and the original warranty. Generally, you can save 10-15% buying a refurb device.

These discounts aren’t as large as what you’ll find during the periods I’ve laid out above, but that’s because refurb devices are intended to look and perform just like new.