Add Bluetooth to Your Home Stereo to Pipe Music From Alexa

Post Date: 1/9/19 – Many consumers have already invested in a high quality home stereo system, but if it was a few years ago or longer that system will not have Bluetooth compatibility. Did you know you can add Bluetooth to your home stereo with an inexpensive receiver device?

There are many Bluetooth receiver options available at many different price points, but they all do essentially the same thing: make it possible for you to pipe audio from an external, Bluetooth-capable device (like a phone, tablet, or Echo Dot) through your sound system’s speakers. The cost difference usually has to do with included features or accessories. It’s important to read product descriptions carefully if you need support for premium audio features like Dolby surround, as not all receivers will provide that support.

Once the receiver is in place, your stereo will behave like any other Bluetooth-capable speaker in terms of Alexa connectivity and capabilities. If your music source is an Alexa device, you’ll still have all the same Alexa music control commands you’re used to because Alexa is still in control of the music—Alexa is just sending the audio output to your connected speakers. It’s the same as if you connected your Alexa device to any other external speaker that was built with Bluetooth capability.

I don’t own any Bluetooth receivers so I can’t personally recommend any but the Bluetooth receiver shown above is currently the most popular option on Amazon’s US site, and it’s getting good reviews on the Amazon UK and Amazon Canada sites as well. Note that it only includes ONE receiver, the smaller copies shown in the product image seem to be there to demonstrate the different light ring colors.

The receivers come with old-style stereo cable hookups as well as the more modern 3.5mm cable type of connector, so setup is easy. You plug the cable(s) into the Bluetooth receiver at one end and the inputs at the back of your stereo at the other. Then you plug the Bluetooth receiver’s power cord into an outlet and you’re good to go.

These Bluetooth receivers can be used with other A/V equipment as well, such as television sets, but because voice command functionality will be limited to on/off and maybe mute / volume control, most consumers probably won’t feel it’s a worthwhile thing to do.

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