1/4/19 Alexa Fast Tips Friday: Amazon’s Alexa User Guide

Post publication date: 1/4/19 – Some consumers are surprised to learn their Alexa devices don’t come with a detailed user guide, but there’s no need for concern: you can get the most recent and accurate information online, in Amazon’s Alexa User Guide.

Why No Manual?

The reason why Alexa devices don’t ship with detailed user guides or manuals is because the feature set and functionality of these devices changes often. Any printed user guide Amazon might send you would become stale dated and inaccurate in a matter of months.

So rather than invest the time and money in providing written manuals that could ultimately give consumers more frustration than help, Amazon maintains a collection of regularly updated Alexa device and feature help and information on the Amazon site, forming a type of Alexa User Guide.

Note to international readers: Amazon has provided a fairly exhaustive collection of Alexa resources on its US site and a more modest collection on its UK site, but elsewhere you’ll need to try the Alexa & Echo section in the Amazon Help pages on your usual site.

Click here to visit Amazon’s All Things Alexa pages on its US site.

Click here to visit Amazon’s Meet Alexa pages on its UK site.


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