New Feature: Apple Music Support

Post Publication Date: 12/14/18 – Yet another feature consumers have wanted from the beginning is set for release on Monday, 12/17: support for Apple Music.

Readers outside the US: it’s unclear whether this feature will be released internationally on Monday as well and since I’m in the US I can’t test it myself. If the support isn’t there on Monday, as with most Alexa features, it will most likely be rolled out to other regions after any wrinkles are ironed out here in the US.

This Is For Apple Music, NOT iTunes
The distinction is important. Apple Music is Apple’s paid music streaming subscription service, iTunes is Apple’s music and media store and player. So if you own a bunch of music in iTunes, this new feature will not grant you direct access to your iTunes library on your Alexa devices.

You can still use Bluetooth connectivity and commands to play your iTunes music on Alexa devices.

Check Your Alexa App on Monday
As per usual this feature will be rolled out to Alexa device owners and app users in waves, beginning Monday, 12/17/18. If you see Apple Music as one of the available options, that means you’ve got the new feature.

Once it’s there you can use voice commands like, “Alexa, play Katy Perry songs on Apple Music.”

You can also set Apple Music as your preferred music service in the Alexa app. Open the main menu, then select Settings, and scroll down to the Alexa Preferences section. In that section, tap Music to get to the Music settings menu and select Apple Music. You will be prompted to link / login to your Apple Music account.