Fast Tips Friday: Ask Alexa For Help

Post Publication Date: 11/30/18 – In the years since Alexa’s initial release, she’s gotten a lot smarter. Amazon’s doing a great job of making Alexa better at figuring out what consumers need, and giving it to them. It’s now possible to get a lot of the technical support you need directly from your device: just ask Alexa for help.


Help Please


No Need To Hit Amazon’s Help Pages

It’s pretty short and sweet today. The next time you’re not sure how to do something with your Alexa device, or you’ve tried to do something and got an error message from Alexa, ask her for help. Here are just a few examples of queries to try. Say the wake word followed by:

How do I make a playlist?

How do I connect a smart light bulb?

How do I set a timer?

How do I set an alarm to music?

How do I make a video call?

What can I do with multiple Echo devices?

How do I pair a Bluetooth device?

Alexa can’t answer every question or solve every problem, but you might be surprised at how helpful she can be.


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