Smart Home Showcase: Alexa Compatible Big Mouth Billy Bass Now Available in the US!

Post Publication Date: 11/29/18 – I don’t normally write an entire post to share a single Alexa-related product, but I know many readers have been waiting for an Alexa Big Mouth Billy Bass for a long time.


Big Mouth Billy Bass


Readers outside the US: as of this writing, the Alexa-compatible Big Mouth Billy Bass is only being made available in the US.

Way back in the early days of Alexa, when the only Alexa device was the first generation Echo, an enterprising maker figured out how to connect his Big Mouth Billy Bass animatronic mounted fish to an Echo so that Alexa’s responses were delivered by the fish. It was super-cool but too technically demanding a project for most consumers. The rest of us can get the same thing at last with the Alexa compatible Big Mouth Billy Bass!


The Company Behind Big Mouth Billy Finally Did It!

They finally figured out they’d sell a whole lot more of their singing fish novelty item by turning it into a speaker for Alexa, so they finally developed a new model with Alexa compatibility built in. Just hang the fish in your desired location, near an Alexa device, then pair the fish to your Alexa device via Bluetooth.

Now, your Alexa responses, alarms, timers and notifications can all come through the animated fish’s mouth, and Billy even dances along to the beat with Amazon Music! Here’s the manufacturer’s demo video:



The new version is currently available for pre-order, with an official release date of 12/1/18.


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