Fast Tips Friday: Alexa Hunches Help You With Smart Home Devices

Post Publication Date: 11/16/18 – The new Alexa Hunches feature tells you if you’ve left something on or off, or if any smart home settings are unusual. Note that while this doesn’t yet appear to be available outside the US, like most Alexa features it should be coming to Alexa’s international family soon.


Hunch Fry


With Hunches Alexa Can Remind You If You’ve Left Devices on Or Off, Alert You To Unusual Settings

Amazon announced Hunches last month as a ‘coming soon’ feature, and it’s finally here! This new feature is probably best explained in Amazon’s own words:

As you interact with your smart home, Alexa learns more about your day-to-day usage and can sense when connected smart devices are not in the state that you prefer. Forgot to turn off your basement lights at night? With Hunches, Alexa can let you know and offer to turn them off. The more you use connected smart home devices, the more Alexa can help.

How do I enable Hunches?
The feature is on by default—all you need is an Echo device and connected lights, switches, plugs, or locks. When you connect a smart home device to Alexa, she can deliver Hunches about the device in a few weeks once she learns how you regularly use it. Shop Echo devices, smart lighting and locks that work with Alexa.

When will Alexa give me a Hunch?
Alexa delivers Hunches automatically after you say things like “Alexa, good night” or set wake up alarms. You can also ask Alexa if she has any Hunches (“Alexa, do you have any Hunches?”).

Can I turn off Hunches?
Yes, you can opt out of receiving Hunches by saying “Alexa, disable Hunches” or via Settings in the Alexa app.


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