Smart Home Showcase: New Alexa Celebrity Alarms

Post Publication Date: 10/23/18 – Alexa alarm functionality has gotten considerably better since the first Echos shipped, with the addition of wake to music and an expanded library of built-in alarm tones. When researching the Alexa app redesign for this post, I was surprised to find a whole bunch of new Alexa celebrity alarms in the alarm tone list.


Alarm Comfy Bed


Football, Sharknado, Hotel Transylvania & More!

Here’s the full list of available celebrity alarm tones, as of this writing (on 10/23/18):


Alexa Celebrity Sounds list


How To Change Your Alexa Alarm Tone

In the recently redesigned Alexa app you can access alarm settings for a specific device like this:

1. Tap the Smart Home icon (in the Android version of the app, it’s at the lower right corner)

2. In the Smart Home/Devices screen, tap the Echo & Alexa icon (in the Android version of the app, it’s at the upper left corner)

3. In the Echo & Alexa screen, scroll to find and select the desired device

4. In the Device Settings screen for the selected device, scroll down to the General section and tap Sounds

5. In the Sounds screen, scroll down to the Custom Sounds section and tap Alarm

This is where you can view all available alarm options. You can scroll down to view and select from a list of standard alarm tones, but the list of Celebrity Sounds appears at the top of the screen. You can preview any alarm tone or celebrity sound by tapping on it, but that will also select the item you’ve tapped so be sure the tone or sound you want is selected when you’re done checking out the list and exit the app.


If you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, why not try a new alarm tone? If nothing else, the unfamiliarity of it might startle you awake.


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