Fast Tips Friday: Alexa Device Maintenance

Post Publication Date: 10/12/18 – Alexa devices are high tech machines, just like your computer, printer, tablet or cell phone. And like any high tech device, they will perform and look their best if you follow these Alexa device maintenance tips.

Canned Air


Canned Air: Keep This On Hand For All Devices

Those tiny microphone and speaker holes on your Alexa devices tend to accumulate dust. An accumulation of dust in the microphone holes can interfere with Alexa’s hearing, and dust in the speaker holes can dampen the device’s sound output. Dust can also gather around the buttons and ports, interfering with their functionality and possibly even creating a fire hazard (in the case of power ports).

No worries! A blast of canned air (UK readers click here)(Canadian readers click here) can clear that dust out in a snap, without causing any damage to your devices. Because you can use canned air to keep all your tech devices clean, it’s a good idea to keep a multi pack on hand.

Be sure to follow directions on the can, and never use it near open flames because it is highly flammable and combustible.


Cleaning The Cloth Covering On An Echo or Dot

The hard plastic canisters of first- and some second-generation Echo devices are easy enough to clean with a damp cloth, but the new fabric-covered Echos and Dots are another story.

For accumulated dust, you can gently press a clean damp cloth to the surface, rinse it off, then wring out excess water and repeat on each section of the device cover until you’ve removed all the dust.

DO NOT USE A VACUUM ON THESE DEVICES. Vacuums can throw tiny static electricity sparks and damage delicate electronics.

For spots or stains that have soaked into the cloth, use a Tide To Go pen (UK readers click here)(Canadian readers click here).

I don’t know how these things work, but I assume there’s fairy dust in there because they magically make stains disappear from all kinds of fabrics. Just press the tip of the pen onto the spot to release some of the liquid cleaner, then use the firm tip of the pen to rub the cleaner into the stain, using small circular motions. When the cleaner evaporates, it takes the stain with it.

You can use them on your clothes too, and they don’t employ any damaging or discoloring bleach.


Cleaning Screens and Hard Surfaces On Your Devices
Even though Alexa devices are designed to be primarily activated by voice, in reality you probably find you (and your kids) touch them quite a lot. Their screens can accumulate fingerprints and their hard plastic casings can accumulate body oils from fingertips and hands. No worries, you can use pretty much any tech wipe (UK readers click here)(Canadian readers click here) to keep your devices clean without damaging their screens or leaving any residue.

This is another item that’s good to keep on hand for use with all your tech devices, as well as television screens.


Routine maintenance will keep your Alexa devices looking and running great!


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