Smart Home Showcase: Affordable Alexa Smart Watches

Publication Date: 9/18/18 – Did you know there are now quite a few affordable Alexa smart watches available from Guess and Martian Watch? They all tether to your existing Android or Apple smart phone, so there’s no need to sign up for any additional data or cell plan.


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For some reason I’m not finding any Alexa smart watches on Amazon’s UK site, but for those in the US and Canada there are numerous options.


Martian Options: From Under $70

All of the following Martian smart watches have a stylish analog look with inset digital screen at the bottom of the dial, and all offer the same core features:

– Use voice commands – create calendar events, check weather and directions, set alarms and search the web hands-free

– Get push notifications from hundreds of your favorite social, news, fitness, sports and other apps

– Customizable vibrations – screen the alerts you want and assign a custom vibration pattern to make each One unique, for awareness without having to look at the watch

– Take phone calls – answer or place a quick call from your wrist, even when your hands are full

– Martian electronic leash, remote camera control and more!


Martian PT-01 (Canadian readers click here)

This is the entry-level option from Martian.



Martian AE-02 (Canadian readers click here)

Another affordable smart watch from Martian, in a different style.



Martian Victory (US only)

Another entry-level option from Martian.



Martian Alpha (US only)

A sportier look with a more detailed, diver-style face.



Martian Passport (Canadian readers click here)

Martian’s high-end model includes a fashion-forward square, stainless steel case, genuine leather band, enlarged digital screen, directional speaker and noise-cancelling microphone.



Guess Connect Options

Guess is known for its focus on style, and their Alexa-enabled smart watches are no exception. They have the same feature set, so for these watches it’s going to come down to which one appeals more to your fashion sense. Features include:

– Seamleasly integrated with Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. Just tap and ask Alexa for the latest news, weather and traffic reports, sport scores and much more

– SmartWatch Notifications – Receive notifications anytime, anywhere – including: caller ID, texts, emails, calendar reminders and social media alerts through your SmartWatch. Set a custom vibration, light flash and scrolling readout for each notification

– SmartWatch Camera Control – Get into the group selfie and take pictures by triggering your phone’s camera with the remote shutter on your

– Find your phone right from your SmartWatch and find your watch directly from your mobile phone app

– Music control, custom vibrations, dual time zone, digital time function, do not disturb function

– Splash resistant


Guess Connect Smart Watches: One Example (Canadian readers click here)



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