Fast Tips Friday: New Music Services for Alexa

Post Publication Date: 8/31/18 – If you haven’t checked out the list of available options in the Alexa app lately, give it a go! You’ll find there are several new music services for Alexa. Maybe your preferred service is among them!


Music Dont Stop Believing


Note that as with all Alexa features, services and Alexa app screen views may vary from geographic region to region (e.g., Alexa in the US vs. UK, Canada, etc.), and between app versions (e.g., Android vs. iOS). Please check the screens covered in this post to see which music services are available in your region.


Choose Your Preferred Service in the Alexa App

If you frequently issue the same series of Alexa commands at a certain time each day, Routines are for you. For example, your morning routine could include Alexa reading the weather report, playing your Flash Briefing, giving you traffic conditions, and then starting a certain playlist. This kind of thing is now possible in Alexa Routines!


1. Tap the ‘hamburger’ menu icon on the app home screen to open the main menu.

Alexa App Home Screen

2. In the main menu, tap Music, Video & Books.

Main Menu Music


3. The Music, Video & Books home screen defaults to the Music tab when it loads.
Scroll down to the Services section.

Music Home


4. All available services are listed in the Services section.
Here is where you select your default music service. The screen below shows all services available in the US as of this writing. You can still access any other services shown here, selecting a default just tells Alexa where to search first when you ask her to play music.

The top option, “music” with the Amazon smile under it, is the selection to make for all Amazon Music services: Amazon Music (digital music you’ve bought or gotten for free from Amazon), Amazon Prime Music (which you get for free with an Amazon Prime membership), and Amazon Music Unlimited (for those who subscribe to that service).

Where you see a plus sign icon next to the service name, you must have an account with that service and link it here. If there’s no plus sign, the service is available for free. Note that most services offer a free account option, usually ad-supported, but as of this writing only premium Spotify accounts can be linked here in the US.

Music Svcs


Be sure to check available music services every few months: you never know when a new one will be added!


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