Smart Home: Nexx Switches Add Alexa To Existing Garage Door Openers

Publication Date: 8/21/18 – Yes, you CAN add Alexa to existing garage door openers! The solution is a special, secured, in-line WiFi switch that allows for door control via Alexa or Google Home voice commands, IFTTT integration, or the free, companion smartphone app.

*There is a risk of electrocution when working with live wires. Be sure to cut the power to your wiring before working on it, and consult a professional for assistance if you run into any trouble.


Garage Ur Doin It Rong


What Happened To Garageio?

Garageio, the first maker of an Alexa-compatible garage door opener and one of the early recipients of Alexa Fund support from Amazon, was bought out by Guardian Access Corp. in March of this year. That company has yet to release a Guardian-branded version of the product, but it’s now possible to simply add a special, secured WiFi switch to your existing garage door opener.


The Nexx NXG: Works With Alexa, Google Home, and Most Existing Garage Door Remotes!

I’ve previously written about Alexa-compatible, in-line WiFi switches you can add to any electrical line in your home, but the Nexx Garage NXG-10 (Canadian readers, click here) (UK readers: this product is not yet available in your area) is special because it adds encryption and monitoring of its own to ensure maximum security.



This switch allows for IFTTT integration, Alexa and Google Home voice command control and additional, app-based features like multi-user access and remote monitoring, notifications that tell you when the door is open, and a History file that allows you to see when, and by whom, your garage door was opened. The manufacturers are also working on a new, optional feature that will automatically open the door when vehicles/mobile devices you specify come within range of the door.

The Nexx requires a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi connection, and is compatible with most garage door openers (click here for manufacturer’s list of compatible models).

Note that each door you wish to control requires its own switch, so if you have a two or three car garage with multiple doors you’ll need to buy one switch for each door.


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