Alexa Smart Home Showcase: Alexa In The Car & Garage

Publication Date: 7/31/18 – Once consumers start enjoying the convenience and fun of Alexa in their homes, they really miss her when it’s time to hit the road. No worries! New devices from Garmin, Arlo and Roav allow you to access Alexa in the car & garage.


Sing In The Car


Roav Viva Lets Alexa Ride Along, With USB Charging Ports Too! (US, UK & Canada)

The Roav Viva from Anker (UK readers click here) (Canadian readers click here) brings two high speed USB charging ports and Alexa to your car and pipes Alexa’s voice and streaming audio through to your car speakers. Using your phone’s mobile hotspot capability or data connection, the Viva gives you in-car access to hands-free calling, turn-by-turn directions (with Google Maps or Waze connectivity), your Audible audiobooks, streaming music and all the usual Alexa features like weather, local business information and more. Note that the Viva is not compatible with all car models, but a list of compatible cars is provided in the product pages linked above. Please review the list and make sure your car is on it before ordering to avoid disappointment.


Garmin Speak Plus Adds A Dash Cam (US and Canada)

The Garmin Speak Plus (Canadian readers click here) is a more costly option, but it adds more functionality: a recording/looping digital dash cam with memory card slot, proximity warnings to help with collision avoidance and parking, alert you to obstacles in your path and lane drift, plus Garmin’s award-winning GPS with turn-by-turn directions. This device doesn’t include USB charging ports, but it does include an AUX audio cable option so you can still use it with your phone even if Bluetooth connectivity isn’t available. It mounts to the windshield for a convenient, heads-up display.

Like the Viva, the Speak Plus relies on your cell phone’s mobile hotspot or data connection, plus Garmin’s custom mobile app. It’s intended to be a “universal” type of device, so it doesn’t have the limited list of compatible car models like the Viva does.


Keeping Your Garage Secure: Netgear’s Arlo Pro Security System (US, UK & Canada)

The Arlo Pro 2 Home Security Camera System (UK readers click here) (Canadian readers click here) comes with two 100% 1080p HD wireless cameras, offers an operating temperature range of 32-122F degrees, includes audio and siren capabilities, lets you set custom alerts, turns night vision on automatically in low light conditions, allows for various wiring options, and makes it easy to expand your home security system with add-on wireless cameras as needed.

The Arlo Pro integrates seamlessly with any of your display-enabled Alexa devices (e.g., Echo Show (UK readers click here) (not available in Canada), Echo Spot (UK readers click here) (Canadian readers click here), Fire HD 10 tablet (UK readers click here), Fire HD 8 tablet (UK readers click here), etc.), as well as the free mobile app, so keeping an eye on things is easy whether you’re at home or away.



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