Fast Tips Friday: The Alexa Equalizer Is Officially Here!

Post Publication Date: 7/27/18 – Amazon’s engineers are constantly making changes behind the scenes to add and improve functionality. This week, they’ve dropped an update consumers have been asking for since the very first Echos shipped: the Alexa equalizer for adjusting treble, bass and midrange in audio is finally here!


Bass Is Strong


Note that as of this writing, the new feature is still being rolled out to the Alexa app in all geographic regions so you may not see it in your app yet. If it’s not there (see screenshots below), it will be soon.


Alexa EQ In The App

Voice commands are already available in the US and will soon be coming to other regions, but EQ commands are being added to the Alexa app in all regions so we’ll start there. The screenshots tell the story here. In the Alexa app, you can access the new equalizer controls via Settings > {selected device} > Sounds > Equalizer. The screenshots below are from the Android version of the Alexa app, the controls may vary slightly in location or appearance in the iOS app.


Alexa App EQ Device Settings


Alexa App EQ Sound Settings


Alexa App EQ Settings


Alexa Equalizer Touch Controls on the Show & Spot

You can access the slider controls shown above on the Echo Show and Spot touchscreens as well, and they automatically come up anytime you issue a spoken EQ command (see next section). The screenshot below is from the Show; sorry it’s so fuzzy, this was the best I could do off that reflective screen. The same controls are available on the Spot, but they’re oriented vertically instead of horizontally.

Alexa EQ On Show


Alexa EQ Voice Commands

Once you’ve got the new equalizer options in the app then you know you’ve got access to the new equalizer capability, and for those in the US that means you’ve also got the new equalizer voice commands (these should be coming soon to other regions). You can adjust bass, treble and midrange on a + / – 6dB scale using commands like these (following the wake word):

Turn up the {bass / treble / midrange}.

Set {bass / treble / midrange} to {minus / plus} {number 1-6}.
I’ve found this voice command is finicky, and I often have to repeat it while speaking very clearly, loudly, and close to the device’s microphones. When the command fails you’ll get a response of, “Hmmm…I don’t know that one.”

Set the {bass / treble / midrange} to {maximum / minimum}.

Reset equalizer.
Sets all EQ scales back to zero.


Be Careful: Settings Stay Put Till You Change Them

Equalizer settings apply to ALL the audio you play from the device where those settings have been applied, and once you’ve changed them the equalizer will not reset on that device until/unless you tell Alexa to reset it. This can cause a rude awakening when switching from music with bass turned up to maximum to an audiobook, where maybe you’d rather not have all that booming low range coming through.

However, because the EQ controls are specific to the device you can have different EQ settings on every Alexa device you own!


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