Alexa Smart Home Showcase: Smart Switches For Built-In Lights, Fans & Appliances

Publication Date: 7/24/18 – I kicked off the Alexa Smart Home Showcase feature with an article about how to get a good smart home foundation for less than $25 using smart plugs. Today, I’m shifting the focus to the DIY homeowners who are looking to smarten up their home wiring in the walls and ceilings. The news is good, because in-line smart switches for built-in lights, fans and appliances are even LESS expensive than smart plugs and are easy to install for anyone with basic wiring knowledge*.

*There is a risk of electrocution when working with live wires. Be sure to cut the power to your wiring before working on it, and consult a professional for assistance if you run into any trouble.


Date More Impressed With Smart Home


Make All The Things Smart!

In-line smart switches are essentially little boxes containing the electronics to set up and run a WiFi connection to whatever’s connected to the wires where you’re adding a smart switch. You control smart switch wired devices and appliances via a free companion app, and where compatible, via voice commands from Alexa, Google Home or similar digital assistants.


In Wall Smart Switch


As with smart plugs, you only get on/off control with these types of in-line switches. But for many uses, such as built-in lights, ceiling fans and similar, on/off control is really all most people need. All of the Sonoff in-line smart switches below, with options for US, UK and Canadian readers, are compatible with Alexa for voice command control as well as the manufacturer’s free companion app, and they offer pre-programmed timer capabilities too. On Amazon’s US site, as of this writing these switches have an average review rating of 4/5 across over 50 reviews.

From Amazon’s US Site



From Amazon’s UK Site


Sorry, I could not find any multi-packs larger than this one on Amazon UK.


From Amazon’s Canada Site



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