7/23/18 Things To Ask Alexa: Useful Alexa Questions Edition

Welcome to LME’s 7/23/18 Things To Ask Alexa. There are a lot of newcomers to the site since Prime Day and I’m hearing from some of them that the fun Easter eggs are all good and well, but they’d like to see more informative and useful Alexa questions. Your wish is my command, readers!


Tried Chewing On Cable


Say the wake word followed by any of the following queries or statements.

An all-purpose query when you need information about Alexa functions. Alexa will tell you what kinds of questions you can ask, and how to word them properly.

Announce {message}.
This will cause Alexa to record your desired message and play it on all your connected Alexa devices that are currently powered on and connected to WiFi. Good for calling the gang in for dinner or movie night, or when it’s time for the group to leave.

When do the {team name} play next?

Where is the nearest {business type or name}?
You can inquire about a general business type, like “pizza place” or “supermarket”, or you can ask about a specific chain business, like “Target” or “Starbucks”.

What day of the week is {month} {day}?
Note that this only seems to work for dates in the current year; when I included the year in the query Alexa couldn’t answer. She does fine when you leave it off, but includes the current year in her response.

What day of the week is {holiday}?
This one seems to work for all major holidays in the upcoming 12-month period. Alexa’s answer for holidays occurring in the next calendar year (e.g., Valentine’s Day) started with, “The next [holiday name] will be…”

What time is sunset today?
You can also ask what time is sunrise, and can specify a date to get future forecasts.

When is the next full moon?
You can also ask, “What is the current moon phase?”

What time is it in {city, state or city, country}?
You can ask for any location in the world to get the current time. Very helpful for family members and co-workers keeping in touch with those who are away on travel.

Remind me at {time, include AM or PM}.
Alexa will prompt you for the reminder message you want her to read. You can set recurring reminders by saying “every day” or stating a day of the week. You can also set reminders for future dates by specifying a date or upcoming day of the week in addition to the time.

How many days is it until {date}?
Great for counting down to the start of school, a vacation departure date or national holiday.

Wake me at {time} on {day} to {musical selection or radio station}.
For “musical selection” you can use any of the standard music categories: “the song {song name}”, “the album {album list}”, “the most popular songs by {artist name}”, “my playlist {playlist name}” etc. Of course available selections will be vary by the music services you have connected or subscribed to, but radio station support is provided for free from TuneIn. This is one people often forget about. You can wake to the same or a different song every day, or your favorite radio station. I love deciding each night before going to bed what song I’d like to hear first thing in the morning.


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