AlexaDev Tuesday: Happy Trails, Devs!

Sorry kids, but it’s time for me to say happy trails, devs. I am discontinuing the weekly AlexaDev Tuesday feature, for reasons.


Save Yourselves



The way I support myself and this site is via the advertiser links you see here on the site. People click the links, the advertisers kick a tiny commission on the sale back to me while keeping the price the same for the customer. The AlexaDev Tuesday slot has historically never performed very well in terms of these click-throughs, but other articles were picking up the slack so I could afford to keep AlexaDev Tuesday going as a public service to my fellow Alexa devs. This is no longer the case.

To put it another way, this year the site has only been earning enough to cover its own expenses. The weekly public service has become too expensive for me to maintain. I now have to think in terms of how various aspects of the site perform, and AlexaDev Tuesday…doesn’t.

So starting next week, the AlexaDev Tuesday slot will be replaced with a weekly Smart Home Showcase feature. Smart home posts have always been well-received by consumers who come here, so that’s the direction I need to go.


Sorry I can’t afford keep this feature going, but I will maintain the existing archive of AlexaDev Tuesday articles and will keep the resource list in place as well.