6/16/18 LME Weekly Summary

Here’s the 6/16/18 LME Weekly Summary: links to the previous week’s posts along with a brief summary of each.




It’s Father’s Day here in the US tomorrow, so I’d like to wish all the dads out there a great one!

6/11/18: Things To Ask Alexa
Things To Ask Alexa: queries and statements to try on Alexa for a funny, unexpected or informative response.

6/12/18 – AlexaDev Tuesday: Amazon Alexa Developer Blog Roundup
Today’s post offers an Amazon Alexa Developer Blog roundup, to point the way to some timely new blog posts Alexa skill devs are sure to find informative.

6/15/18 – Alexa Fast Tips Friday: Alexa Tech Support Scam Alert
Amazon does not charge for tech support on their own devices. If you’re paying for it, you’ve fallen victim to an Alexa tech support scam.