Fast Tips Friday: Alexa Tech Support Scam Alert

About once a month I’ll get a message from an LME reader complaining about not being able to get the Alexa tech support they’ve paid for. But here’s the thing: Amazon does not charge for tech support on their own devices. If you’re paying for it, you’ve fallen victim to an Alexa tech support scam.


Zoidberg Scam


Amazon Offers Alexa Tech Support FOR FREE

Amazon has never charged for Alexa tech support, and if their handling of other Amazon devices (like their e-readers and Fire tablet line) is any predictor of future behavior, they never will.

Ignore any ads, emails, articles and such that offer an Alexa troubleshooting and tech support contract. With the exception of large businesses, apartment buildings and hotels that own and maintain a large inventory of Alexa devices, nobody needs an Alexa tech support contract because they can get the support they need directly from Amazon — for FREE.

Not only is Amazon’s tech support free, it’s superior to anything you’re going to get from these scammers since you’re going directly to the source of Alexa devices and software. Amazon will always have the best and most up-to-date information on all things Alexa, and Amazon is highly motivated to keep Alexa device users happy so they won’t defect to a competitor product.


Also: Amazon does not charge a monthly fee for the Alexa service: it’s FREE as well.
You have to buy the Alexa device and you have to have electricity and WiFi service for it to function, but that’s it. Once you’ve bought your Echo, Spot or whatever, you’re done paying for access to Alexa.


How To Reach Amazon Tech Support

Amazon Alexa / Echo Tech Support phone number:
1-877-375-9365 – 3am to 10pm PST, 7 days
I just tested the number to verify it’s still valid, and got through with no difficulty. However, I’ve heard about (and personally experienced) intermittent trouble getting through in the past, especially around busy shopping seasons like Prime Day, Black Friday week and so on. Alternatively, you can go through the Help > Contact Us links on the Amazon site (which offers the option to have Amazon call you on a provided number immediately), use the Help & Feedback form in the Alexa app, or use the email address below.

Amazon Alexa / Echo Tech Support email address:

Amazon Alexa / Echo Team Twitter Account – tweet them with the hashtag #TeachAlexa to request new Easter eggs or features

Online access to the Amazon Alexa app


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