AlexaDev Tuesday: Two Free Codecademy Alexa Skill Design Courses

I recently shared a list of low-cost and free training resources for Alexa developers, and today I’ve got two free Codecademy Alexa skill design courses to take you from newbie to advanced.


Never Done Training Batslap


Yes, Codecademy Is Free

There’s some confusion around Codecademy because you must register to access any of their courses, and as soon as you do you get a popup telling you a free Codecademy Pro trial has been activated on your account for seven days. Here’s the thing: Codecademy Pro membership is totally optional, and most of what Codecademy has to offer can be accessed via a free, basic account.

Like Alexa skill development training, for example!


We Have The Links!

Let’s just get right to it: here are direct links to the two courses Codecademy created with Amazon’s input and assistance to take developers from the basics to advanced conversational design.

Introduction To Alexa
In this series, you will learn how to create a simple Hello Codecademy Alexa skill. You will build the interaction model and Amazon Lambda function that responds to a user’s voice with a personal welcome message. Though it is not a prerequisite for most of the content in this series, a basic understanding of JavaScript will help you understand the programming logic in this course series.


Conversational Design With Alexa
In this course, you will learn how to build conversational skills using a number of tools, including entity resolution and dialog management. If this is your first time learning about Alexa, you should start with Codecademy’s Introduction to Alexa course. Entity resolution allows you to seamlessly create synonyms that all resolve to the same value. Dialog management allows you to adapt to the current state of the conversation. These techniques enable you to write clean, clear code in your AWS Lambda function and improve the experience for your skill’s users.


This summer, why not up your Alexa dev game with these free courses?