Alexa Fast Tips Friday: Alexa, Press One

Publication Date: 5/25/18 – Great news for fans of Alexa’s voice calling feature: Alexa can now handle automated, touchtone answering systems! You can now say things like, “Alexa, press one,” to navigate voice menus!

Automated Voice Message System

Note that as per usual, this feature is being rolled out to Alexa device owners in groups and the Alexa app update is being rolled out bit by bit as well. Those in the US who don’t yet have access to this feature will likely get it in the coming days. Since I’m in the US I can’t be certain this feature is being introduced outside the US as well, but if not, it should be coming soon.

Please also be aware that the information provided here is accurate as of this writing, on 5/25/18, but is subject to change in the future as Amazon releases updates to its devices and software.

Alexa Can “Press” Touchtone Numbers For You

This tip comes courtesy of an LME reader who prefers to remain anonymous, and it’s a great one for fans of Alexa’s voice calling capabilities.

When you use Alexa to make a call and get an automated voice answering system on the other end, where a recorded voice tells you to press a certain number to route the call to a certain person, department or sub-menu, you can now use the following command to navigate that menu:

{wake word}, press {number}.

You will not hear the touchtone you would normally hear on a cell phone or landline, but Alexa does send the corresponding touchtone to the automated system on the other end and your call will be routed appropriately. I’ve tested it myself, and it definitely works.

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