AlexaDev Tuesday: Monetizing Alexa Skills

Monetizing Alexa skills just got a whole lot easier, with Amazon’s rollout of tools to support one-time purchases and subscriptions in Alexa skills—including a sample monetized Alexa skill to work from.


In App Purchase


Amazon’s New Sample Skill + Resources

Amazon’s got a lot to offer in terms of resources to get developers off to a good start with monetizing their Alexa skills. From Jeff Blankenburg, writing for Amazon’s Alexa developer blog:

Now with the availability of in-skill purchasing, we’re excited to see what kinds of premium experiences you will offer customers. With in-skill purchasing, you can offer one-time purchases for entitlements, which gives customers access to features or content in your skill for the life of the skill. You can also sell subscriptions that offer access to premium features or content for a period of time.

To help you get started as you design your in-skill purchasing experience, we’ve created a new sample skill that includes in-skill products. The sample demonstrates how to use the new in-skill purchasing features by offering different both one-time purchases and subscriptions.

Click here to read the full post on Amazon’s developer blog, which includes a walk-through of the sample skill, link to the source repository, plus links to related free training webinars and related Amazon developer resources.