Alexa Fast Tips Friday: New Alexa Remember Feature

Post updated 9/12/18 – Alexa reminders have been around for some time, but this week Amazon’s begun rolling out a new feature that’s similar, but serves a different purpose: the new Alexa Remember feature lets you use Alexa like a voice-only sticky note.


Never Remember


Note that as per usual, this feature is being rolled out to Alexa device owners in groups and the Alexa app update is being rolled out bit by bit as well. Those in the US who don’t yet have access to the new ‘remember’ command will be getting it in the coming days. Since I’m in the US I can’t be certain this feature is being introduced outside the US as well, but if not, it should be coming soon.

Use Alexa, Remember When There’s No Alarm Attached

Alexa reminders allow you to have Alexa deliver a message to your Alexa devices at a specific time. The new “Alexa, remember,” command allows you to ask Alexa to remember something, but without any specific delivery time specified. Alexa will store the information you’ve asked her to remember, and can read it back to you when you ask.

Think of the new Remember feature like a voice-only notepad where you can take a quick note, then have Alexa read it back to you later on-demand. The command word or phrase to use is “remember” or “make a note”. For example:

While you’re in the middle of doing laundry, you get a call informing you the kids’ soccer practice has been delayed from 3pm to 5pm. You can say, “Alexa, remember that soccer practice was moved to five.”

Your daughter’s birthday is coming up next month. You overhear her telling a girlfriend how much she likes a particular perfume. You can say, “Alexa, make a note that Joanie wants {perfume name} for her birthday.”

You meet a new neighbor while unloading groceries in your driveway. As soon as you get inside you can say, “Alexa, remember that the new neighbor’s name is Chris Miller.”

You bought an anniversary gift for your spouse and need to hide it but worry you’ll forget the hiding place. Say, “Alexa, make a note that Noah’s gift is in the upstairs broom closet.”


Accessing The Remember List

There are three methods to access your ‘remember’ list items: two types of voice commands, and in the Alexa app.

When you ask, “Alexa, what did I ask you to remember?” Alexa will read the full list of things you asked her to remember. Alternatively, you can ask about the specific ‘remember’ items. Using the examples above, these requests would follow this format:

Alexa, when is soccer practice?

Alexa, what does Joanie want for her birthday?

Alexa, what is the neighbor’s name?

Alexa, where is Noah’s gift?

As of this writing I don’t see a ‘remember’ list in the Alexa app yet, but the voice commands work on all my Alexa devices (Echo, Show, Spot, Dot). Others online have said they can access the remember items in the app, so I assume my app hasn’t yet received the update but will get it in the coming days.


Now you just have to remember to ask Alexa what you asked her to remember!