AlexaDev Tuesday: New Echo Spot Simulator For Test

Amazon’s Alexa devices with screens, the Show and Spot, are pretty spendy. If you’ve been wanting to create some skills for these devices but don’t own the necessary hardware for test, I’ve got some good news for you. A Show screen simulator has been available in the new developer portal for some time, and now there’s an Echo Spot simulator available for test there as well.


Test Code In Production


From Shiraz Datta, writing for Amazon’s Alexa developer blog:

We are happy to announce that you can now test how your Alexa skill will display on Echo Spot without owning a device. You can access the Echo Spot display, in addition to the Echo Show display, on the Test page of the Alexa developer console. The Echo Spot display expands the Alexa simulator testing capabilities, which include testing your Alexa skills through text, voice, and now display for both Echo Show and Echo Spot. You can test your Alexa skills that use the display interface by enabling the Echo Show and Echo Spot Display options to see how your Alexa skill responses will appear on these devices.

LME Editor’s note: you can click on the image below to view a larger version in a new tab or browser window.

Show Spot Simulator


Click here to read the full post on the Amazon Alexa developer blog, which includes tips for designing skills for Alexa devices with screens and links to Amazon’s related documentation.


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