Alexa Fast Tips Friday: Advanced Alexa Sound Options

Most owners of Alexa devices know it’s possible to change the alarm tone, or wake to music. But did you know it’s also possible to set some advanced Alexa sound options, to further customize alarms and notifications on a per-device basis?


Breaking Soundbearier


Scroll Down For More Options In The Alexa App

Open the Alexa app and select the Settings menu. From there, select the Alexa device whose sound settings you want to change. Next, select the Sounds option for the device. The top-most option on that screen is “Alarm, Timer and Notification Volume”, and that’s the only one most of us bother to look at or change.

But if you scroll down on that screen, there are numerous other, very useful options available (note red boxes):


Alexa Advanced Sound Options


The top-most red box highlights the option to have your selected alarm tone begin at a low volume and gradually increase in volume until it reaches the volume level you’ve set for the device, or until you turn it off (whichever happens first). Great for heavy sleepers, or anyone who likes to wake a little more gradually than a full-volume alarm allows.

The next red box is around the Notifications area, where you can toggle notification sounds on or off.

The bottom box highlights the Request Sounds options, where you can toggle request confirmation sounds on or off. When turned on, the Start of Request option has Alexa play a confirmation tone when she wakes, to confirm she’s awake and listening. The End of Request option is the same, but gives you the ability to have Alexa play a confirmation tone when she has finished listening to your request and will now process it. These options can be very helpful for the sight-impaired, or anyone who simply prefers to have that added bit of assurance that Alexa is listening.


Check out these options in the Alexa app to further customize your Alexa experience!