2/10/18 LME Weekly Summary

Here’s the 2/10/18 LME Weekly Summary: links to the previous week’s posts along with a brief summary of each.


Kitteh Freestyle


2/5/18: Things to Ask Alexa
Statements and queries to try on Alexa for an amusing, unexpected or informative response.

2/6/18 AlexaDev Tuesday – Guest Post From Dustin Coates: All About Alexa Skill Localization
If you’ve got questions or confusion about Alexa Skill Localization, this guest post from Dustin Coates should help clarify things for you.

2/9/18 Alexa FAQ Part 11: Alexa Calendar Integration
The Alexa FAQ series continues with information about Alexa Calendar integration: which calendars are compatible, how to link them, and which voice commands are available.


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The HP Printer Alexa skill (available in the US only as of this writing) lets you print all kinds of things from most Wi-Fi HP printers using only voice commands. Not only can you print things like your Alexa shopping list and calendar, you can print Crayola coloring pages for kids, Art Therapy coloring pages for adults, graph paper, lined paper for writing, Sudoku game grids, Bingo cards, word searches and more!

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