1/12/18 Alexa Fast Tips Friday: New Alexa Translation Feature

Welcome to LME’s 1/12/18 Alexa Fast Tips Friday. Amazon has finally implemented something owners of Alexa devices have wanted since the beginning: an Alexa translation feature!


Translation Is Like Toilet Paper


Note for readers outside the US: as of this writing (on 1/12/18), this feature is available to both UK- and US-based Alexa users. I can’t say if it’s available in other regions yet, but if not, it’s probably coming soon.

Alexa can now translate words and simple phrases, in both written and spoken form, in Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Italian, and more. From Amazon’s relevant help page:

The quickest way to check whether a language is supported is to just ask. Alexa will tell you if the language you’ve requested isn’t currently supported. For some languages, like Hindi and Mandarin (Chinese), Alexa will automatically launch an Alexa skill called “Translated” to complete your request.

Note: At this time, Alexa can only provide translations on Echo devices and Amazon Tap.

Category Say this…
Voice translation “Translate [word / phrase] into [language].”

“How do you say [word / phrase] in [language]?”

Text translation Go to the Alexa app.

Alexa automatically provides a text translation you can see on the relevant voice interaction card in your Home feed.


Click here to view the full Ask Alexa help page on Amazon’s US site.

Click here to view the full Ask Alexa help page on Amazon’s UK site.