12/15/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday: Alexa Wake To Music Is Here!

Welcome to LME’s 12/15/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday. Great news! The ability to choose a song, artist, genre, streaming radio station or playlist as your Alexa wake alarm is available at last!


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Note for readers outside the US: as of this writing (on 12/15/17), this feature is only available to US-based Alexa users. However, like past Alexa upgrades, it will most likely be coming to other Alexa regions soon.

Today Amazon announced it has added a feature Alexa device users have been asking for ever since alarms were introduced: the ability to wake to music! Just in time for next week’s release of the Echo Spot, which seems to be positioned as a nightstand clock radio. You can choose an individual song, a playlist, a genre, a mood, an artist, or a streaming radio station.

Per Amazon’s US Alexa Things To Try > Alarms page, here are some of the supported commands:

Music Alarms
Wake up to your favorite music and radio stations on Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, SiriusXM, and iHeartRadio. To get started, select a default music service [in the Alexa app]: Settings > Music & Media > Default Music Service

LME note: in the app, there are actually two selections you must make: “default music library” and “default station service”.

Ask Alexa…

“Set an alarm to Adele”
“Wake me up to country music”
“Set an alarm to BBC News on TuneIn”
“Wake me up to Kiss FM on TuneIn”

Better with Amazon Music

Ask Alexa…

“Wake me up to relaxing music”
“Wake me up to pop music for running”
“Wake me up with Location by Khalid”
“Wake me up to the song that goes… I’ve paid my dues time after time”
“Alexa wake me up to 80’s music”

“Amazon Music” Doesn’t Mean Amazon Music Unlimited Only
Earlier this year Amazon rebranded its digital music store and library/player service as “Amazon Music”. If you’ve purchased any digital music from Amazon or have uploaded a personal digital music library to Amazon Music for use in the Amazon Music Player app or for Alexa to play, you are using Amazon Music. That means all the tracks and playlists you have in Amazon Music are available for use with this new function so long as you’ve set your default music service to Amazon Music in the Alexa app.

I don’t subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited. I tested setting an alarm to wake me to a specific song, as well as to one of my custom playlists, both of which are in my Amazon Music library. Both of these commands worked:

Wake me to the song That’s Not My Name.

Wake me to my playlist Favorites Mix.

In both cases, Alexa responded by asking me what time to set the alarm for, then confirmed the alarm had been set. On the screen of my Echo Show, the specific music selection I’d made for each alarm was shown also.


Click here to view the full Things To Try > Alarms page on Amazon’s US site.

Click here to view the Alexa Alarms help page on Amazon’s UK site.


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