AlexaDev Tuesday: Free Audio Resources For Alexa Devs

If you’re looking to add music, sound effects, voiceover or any other audio to your Alexa skill, you’ve come on a good day. Today I’m sharing a few free audio resources for Alexa devs.


Star Wars Sound


Audacity: Free, Open Source, Professional-Grade Audio Studio Software
I use Audacity to create and remaster audio in all my skills that employ audio. If you’ve never used audio software before the interface may not be too intuitive, but there’s lots of free documentation online. You can also find plenty of how-to videos on YouTube.

Click here to go to Audacity’s site, where you can learn more about it and download a free copy.

Click here to view search results for Audacity videos on YouTube.


Free Sound Clips To Use In Your Skills
TsaTsaTzu generously shares a very large library of short sound clips you can use to offer audio feedback to the user of your skill. For example, there are various dings and buzzes you might play back to the user during quiz games, and lots of sound effects you can employ to add color or realism to a storyteller or adventure game skill.

Links to copy each clip’s embed code are included on the page, but it would be kinder to download the clips and run them from your own repository to reduce bandwidth expense for TsaTsaTzu.

Click here to visit TsaTsaTzu’s library of free, downloadable sound clips.


Round Up of Audio Resources For Voice Interactive Platforms
Jovotech has curated a pretty thorough collection of code samples, tools, resources and related helps for developers working with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home or other voice interactive platforms.

Click here to visit the Jovotech audio resource round up.


Now you’re ready to start beefing up your skills with some quality audio!