AlexaDev Tuesday: Releasing Flash Briefing Skills Outside the U.S.

I’ve begun releasing Flash Briefing skills outside the U.S., and it turns out the process is different than for other types of skills.


International Doge


You’re probably used to clicking the Add A New Language tab in the Developer Console after setting up your skill for the primary region, as shown below.


Developer Portal Languages


On Flash Briefing skills, the Add A New Language tab doesn’t exist. There’s just the one field to select your skill’s language from a drop-down list on the Skill Information screen, and once you make that selection and save changes for the screen you can’t go back and change the language selection. The screenshot below is for an in-development skill, and you can see the field is locked from editing.


Developer Portal Flash Brief


It’s A Cloning Process
As of this writing, the only way to release your Flash Briefing skill in multiple regions is to clone it and then go through the skill setup and submission process with a copy of the skill for each different language region.

You must be careful to select the correct language for the target region from the language drop-down on the Skill Information screen, as mentioned above, because you can’t change it later. In the Publishing Information screen, you must also be sure to specify the corresponding region in which you want this copy of the skill to be made available. For example, you’d choose India as the release region for the language selection of English (India).


Developer Portal Regions


Other than these two differences, the changes you’ll make for a Flash Briefing skill are pretty much the same as for any other international region skill. You may want to specify a different skill name and/or icon for each region, though Flash Briefing skills don’t have custom invocation phrases so that’s not an issue here. If your code or service is hosted by AWS and latency is a concern, you will want to take server region into account during back-end set up.

Continue the skill setup process as usual and submit for certification.


Repeat the process for each region in which you want to release the Flash Briefing.


* * *

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