Alexa Sonos, UE and Moto Z Speakers

Amazon’s made good on its original promise to make Alexa available through a variety of devices. Alexa Sonos, UE and Moto Z speakers, with the Alexa voice service built right in, are upon us! That means there’s no need to connect to an Alexa device you already own, because with these devices Alexa’s there right out of the box.


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Sonos One: For High End Sound At Home Or Office
The Sonos One (UK readers click here) provides a non-portable, high end speaker that includes all the same Alexa functionality as a regular Echo, but with Sonos’ proprietary, premium engineered sound hardware and firmware. If you buy more than one, they can be linked to provide synchronized audio to multiple rooms. The One also counts as an “Alexa device” in the Amazon ecosystem, which means it can be added to Alexa Groups for whole-home audio.

The One is now available for pre-order, with a release date of 10/24/17 in both the US and UK.


UE Blast and Megablast: Portable, Shockproof, Waterproof
Ultimate Ears has brought a couple of new portable speaker options to the Alexa party as well. The UE Blast (UK readers click here) boasts up to 12 hours battery life, shock resistance and a waterproof chassis. On top of all that the Blast delivers the same Alexa functionality as an Echo, including Bluetooth connectivity. If you’ve been looking for a portable speaker alternative to the Tap, this may be the one. Now available for pre-order, with a release date of 10/29/17 in the US, 10/26/17 in the UK.

The larger UE Megablast (UK readers, click here) kicks things up a notch with 16 hours of battery life and volume capacity of up to 40% louder. This is the most powerful speaker UE has ever produced. Now available for pre-order, with a US release date of 10/29/17 and a UK release date of 10/26/17.


Hello, Moto!
If you’ve got the Moto Z cell phone, there will soon be an Alexa smart speaker module available for it. Motorola says:

Take the features and benefits of Alexa with you wherever you go. With a convenient dockable design and up to 15-hour* built-in battery, answers and entertainment are always at your fingertips.

Motorola isn’t giving a target release date yet, but you can sign up for Motorola’s updates on the product here.

Moto Z Alexa Speaker


Audiophiles and music lovers on the go, rejoice!