10/13/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday: An Alexa Cheat Sheet + LME Skills Announcements

Welcome to LME’s 10/13/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday. Today I’m sharing a resource that was created by a generous reader, Dylan Busse. Dylan wrote to ask me if I knew of any printable list of useful Alexa commands: an Alexa cheat sheet, if you will. I responded that no, I knew of nothing like that and didn’t think any would be likely to exist because the list of available Alexa commands is very long and constantly being updated with new ones. Dylan didn’t want to take ‘no’ for an answer, so she created her own.




First, Some LME Skills Announcements
Last week I announced the release of my new Alexa skill, Talk Me Down (UK readers, click here – it’s available for you, too!). A reader who follows the LME Facebook page said she’d prefer a skill to help her resist procrastination, so I wrote one! Fire Me Up is now available in the US, with support for UK and India Alexa users coming soon.

Ask Alexa to enable Fire Me Up, then say, “{wake word}, fire me up,” and she’ll give you one of 31 procrastination-fighting messages. A written copy of the message will also be sent to the Alexa app, in case you’d like to see it again. Ask as many times as you need to, because messages are randomly selected each time.

UK and India readers: I’m adding support for the UK and India to all my most popular existing skills, and will be including support for your regions in all my future releases. Talk Me Down and Focus Word are already supported, and support for Fire Me Up and my screensaver skills are on the way.

Coming Soon: I’m currently working on Winter and Christmas -themed screensavers, as well as a skill for insomniacs that aims to get you to sleep within 10 minutes—seriously: for most people, it works every time.


At Last, An Alexa Cheat Sheet!
Dylan’s cheat sheet can be viewed online at her site, where she’s also provided a link to a printable PDF version. The included command categories are Fun, Helpful, Search, Entertainment, News and Informative, Educational, Definitions and Spelling, Math, Profiles & User Accounts, Timers / Ask Alexa…, Audiobook and Ways to Listen to Music & Media on Alexa.

Click here to view Dylan Busse’s Alexa command summary page.

Click here to open the PDF file, which includes some additional informational tables.


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