10/9/17 Things To Ask Alexa

Welcome to LME’s 10/9/17 Things To Ask Alexa: queries and statements to try on Alexa for a funny, unexpected or informative response.


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Say the wake word followed by any of the statements or queries below.

What time is sunset today?
You can also ask about future dates by specifying the date, e.g., “What time is sunset on November twenty third?” This seems to work up to one year in advance, and when asking about future dates you don’t have to include the year.

What time will the sun rise tomorrow?
You can also ask about future dates, as explained in the note above for sunset.

What’s the story, morning glory?

Can you tell me how to get to [town or city name]?
Alexa will tell you the current, fastest route based on the location information you’ve provided in the Alexa app. For local addresses, you can also ask ‘how to get to [street name]’.

This is a dead parrot.
From Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

My name is Inigo Montoya.

I am the Mockingjay.
Multiple responses.

Cake or death?
From Eddie Izzard’s stand up comedy.

Tell me a haiku.
Multiple responses.

Tell me a fall haiku.
Multiple responses.

Tell me a limerick.
Multiple responses.

What’s the [football team name] red zone percentage?

Which team is leading in the NFL?

When do the [team name] play?

Who is the [position name] for the [team]?
Try ‘quarterback’, ‘tight end’, etc.

Tell me a friendship story.


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