10/6/17 LME Weekly Summary

Here’s the 10/6/17 LME Weekly Summary: links to the previous week’s posts along with a brief summary of each.




10/2/17: Things to Ask Alexa
Queries and statements to try on Alexa for a funny, unexpected or informative response.

10/3/17 AlexaDev Tuesday – New Alexa Developer Tools
Amazon dropped the news about six new devices last week, and you can bet there are some new Alexa developer tools to go with them.

10/5/17 – Online Alexa Discussion Groups
Amazon’s decided to shut down its online customer discussion forums about Alexa and Echo devices. Here’s a list of alternative Alexa discussion groups.


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We all have moments of weakness and temptation, especially during the holiday season, and there’s not always someone nearby to talk us off the ledge when we’re about to text an ex, light a cigarette, take a drink, eat something we shouldn’t or do something else we know we’ll regret later. I’ve written a new skill so Alexa can help people get through those low points, and it’s called Talk Me Down.

Ask Alexa to enable Talk Me Down, then say, “{wake word}, talk me down,” and she’ll give you one of 31 supportive messages of courage, just when you need it most. A written copy of the message will also be sent to the Alexa app, in case you’d like to see it again. Ask as many times as you need to, because messages are randomly selected each time. Hang in there: with Alexa’s help, you’ve got this.

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