10/6/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday: Alexa Discussion Groups

Welcome to LME’s 10/6/17 Alexa Fast Tips Friday. Today I want to help out everyone who’s upset about Amazon’s decision to shut down its online customer discussion forums, and looking for alternative Alexa discussion groups.


Participate In All The Discussions


First, An Announcement
We all have moments of weakness and temptation, especially during the holiday season, and there’s not always someone nearby talk us off the ledge when we’re about to text an ex, light a cigarette, take a drink, eat something we shouldn’t or do something else we know we’ll regret later. I’ve written a new skill so Alexa can help people get through those low points, and it’s called Talk Me Down.

Ask Alexa to enable Talk Me Down, then say, “{wake word}, talk me down,” and she’ll give you one of 31 supportive messages of courage, just when you need it most. A written copy of the message will also be sent to the Alexa app, in case you’d like to see it again. Ask as many times as you need to, because messages are randomly selected each time.

Hang in there: with Alexa’s help, you’ve got this.


Online Gathering Places for Alexa Users
The pickings are pretty slim, but these are all active groups for Alexa device enthusiasts.

Google+ Group: How to use the Amazon Alexa Voice Products

Echotalk.org: The Unofficial Amazon Echo (and Alexa) User Forums

Reddit: Amazon Echo subreddit

Twitter users: you can follow Amazon’s @amazonecho account for news, how-tos and tips and tricks.