9/2/17 LME Weekly Summary

Here’s the 9/2/17 LME Weekly Summary: links to all of the previous week’s posts along with a brief summary of each. Click through on the links to view the full post for any you’re interested in.


Labor Day Weekend


8/28/17: Things to Ask Alexa
Statements and queries to try on Alexa for a funny or unexpected response.

8/29/17 AlexaDev Tuesday – Three Quick Alexa Skill Debug Tips
Today I’ll make my misery your gain by sharing a few Alexa skill debug tips that apply to all Alexa skill dev, not just Echo Show stuff.

8/30/17 Alexa Multi-room Music Is Here! In Both The US & UK!
It’s here at last! Amazon has officially announced the new Alexa Multi-room Music feature, and rolled it out in both the US and the UK.

9/1/17 – How Many Amazon Music Simultaneous Streams Are Allowed?
I did some testing and research: here’s how many Amazon Music simultaneous streams will currently work under various Amazon Music services.


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The Echo Show has been out for a few months now, owners love it (average rating of 4/5 across over 2,300 reviews) and Amazon’s made it available with an interest-free payment plan (5 x $46) for customers in good standing. If you’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on a Show, there’s no reason to wait!


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